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Name on Memorial

Adams, G
Adderley, F S
Arnold, E W
Birch, L M (Laura M Birch)
Bailey, J T
Baker, W
Baxter, F
Beard, C J
Beddoe, W J
Beech, W
Bennett, W C
Bloomer, R C
Bowen, C W
Bradley, L J
Bradley, J H
Bradley, J T
Brisbourne, G O L
Brittain, R A H
Cadman, M D
Carver,W T
Cartwright, J.
Charles, H
Challoner, A
Chilton, H
Churm, H.
Clarke, E.
Cotton J
Cotton, R
Cruise, W H
Cureton, W
Davies, L
Davies, L
Davies G*
Davies, A
Dodson, G C
Doody, A
Duckett, J O
Dunn, A
Edwards, H G
Elcocks, R**
Elson, W A
Elson, C.S.
Elphick, J F
Emery, Charles Thomas
Emery, H
Espley, H
Evans, R.W.
Evans, J.*
Evans, J.
Fleming, H J
Fletcher, T
Fletcher, J.*
Fletcher, C.
Foulkes H
Fox, G
Fox, C.T.
Fox, A W
Fox, G.
Francis, E R
Frost, G.F.
Green, W J
Greenfield, G R
Griffiths, A.R.
Griffiths, E.V.
Griffiths, H.
Griffiths, J
Gough, J.C.
Gough, A.S.
Gwynne, H
Hall, S.
Harper, J.F.
Harris, J H
Harris, S
Harvey, W M
Haynes, A.J.
Healey, F J
Healey, G.
Healey, J H
Henn, E G
Hodgson, A.E.S.
Holloway, S
Horton, J.N.
Horton, W.P.
Hotchkiss, C.R.
Humphries, W E
Hayward R
Jarvis, J.H.
Jarvis, J M
Jarvis, J.T.
Jauncey, J.
Jones, B.
Jones, H.W.
Jones, J H
Jones, J.S.
Jones, N.
Jones, R.W.
Jones, S.W.
Johnson, H
Kirkham, T.J.
Langley, W
Leigh, S
Lloyd, G.
Lloyd, H C
Lloyd, J W
Lloyd, S J
Lowndes, S
Lucas, C
Lyon, C.E.
Magness A G
Magness, F.
Mansfield, G H
Mason, F.W.
Morgan, R.C.
Moore, J
Morris, A A
Morris, R.H.
Mumford, H.
Nagington, F
Newnes, W.
Nicholls, J
Norris, W A
Paddock, H.L.
Padmore, F.
Pagett, W J
Palmer, W H
Pankhurst, A W
Peach, H E
Peach, J
Peake, J
Plant, J T
Poole, C C
Poole, H.W.
Poole, T.
Poole, W E
Poulter, C V*
Poulter. G H
Powis, T.A.
Price, C.H.
Price, R.H.
Price W.W.
Pritchard, A.W.
Pritchard, J
Pye, T H
Ramsell, H.C.
Roberts, A.J.
Roberts, C.S.
Robertson, W.W.
Rogers, G.W.
Rowson, G.E.
Russell, J.R.
Sankey, D E
Scarratt, G.W.
Shenton, E.N.
Shuker, D.E.
Skidmore, R.C.
Slaney, J.C.
Smith, P.
Smith, R.H.B.
Snape, S.G.
Spencer, T.
Spicer, T.
Stokes, W.
Swift, H.H.
Swift, T.W.
Taylor, C.A.
Thomas, A.
Thomas, A.
Thomas B.I
Thomas, E.
Thomas, W.
Tipton, B
Tomlinson, W.
Vaughan, W.A.H.
Waltho, H R
Weaver, A.E.
Welsby, R
Weston, J
Wicks F.W.
Wicks, J.H.
Welsby, R
Williams, J
Woodfine, C S
Wood, T.
Wood, W G

(This doesn’t represent a full list of Wellington men lost in the conflict)
If you believe one of these men to be a family member and can offer any information, or a photograph, we would be delighted to hear from you:  please either leave a comment below or email us.