About and Names!

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Wellington Remembers is a developing project concentrating on identifying the men and woman named on the World War 1 memorial tablets at the Lych Gate of All Saints Church in the centre of Wellington, Shropshire.
As the centenary of the end of the conflict approaches we are searching for pictures and developing mini biographies of as many of the men as possible.

Name on Memorial

Adams, G
Adderley, F S
Arnold, E W
Birch, L M (Laura M Birch)
Bailey, J T
Baker, W
Baxter, F
Beard, C J
Beddoe, W J
Beech, W
Bennett, W C
Bloomer, R C
Bowen, C W
Bradley, L J
Bradley, J H
Bradley, J T
Brisbourne, G O L
Brittain, R A H
Cadman, M D
Carver,W T
Cartwright, J.
Charles, H
Challoner, A
Chilton, H
Churm, H.
Clarke, E.
Cotton J
Cotton, R
Cruise, W H
Cureton, W
Davies, L
Davies, L
Davies G*
Davies, A
Dodson, G C
Doody, A
Duckett, J O
Dunn, A
Edwards, H G
Elcocks, R**
Elson, W A
Elson, C.S.
Elphick, J F
Emery, Charles Thomas
Emery, H
Espley, H
Evans, R.W.
Evans, J.*
Evans, J.
Fleming, H J
Fletcher, T
Fletcher, J.*
Fletcher, C.
Foulkes H
Fox, G
Fox, C.T.
Fox, A W
Fox, G.
Francis, E R
Frost, G.F.
Green, W J
Greenfield, G R
Griffiths, A.R.
Griffiths, E.V.
Griffiths, H.
Griffiths, J
Gough, J.C.
Gough, A.S.
Gwynne, H
Hall, S.
Harper, J.F.
Harris, J H
Harris, S
Harvey, W M
Haynes, A.J.
Healey, F J
Healey, G.
Healey, J H
Henn, E G
Hodgson, A.E.S.
Holloway, S
Horton, J.N.
Horton, W.P.
Hotchkiss, C.R.
Humphries, W E
Hayward R
Jarvis, J.H.
Jarvis, J M
Jarvis, J.T.
Jauncey, J.
Jones, B.
Jones, H.W.
Jones, J H
Jones, J.S.
Jones, N.
Jones, R.W.
Jones, S.W.
Johnson, H
Kirkham, T.J.
Langley, W
Leigh, S
Lloyd, G.
Lloyd, H C
Lloyd, J W
Lloyd, S J
Lowndes, S
Lucas, C
Lyon, C.E.
Magness A G
Magness, F.
Mansfield, G H
Mason, F.W.
Morgan, R.C.
Moore, J
Morris, A A
Morris, R.H.
Mumford, H.
Nagington, F
Newnes, W.
Nicholls, J
Norris, W A
Paddock, H.L.
Padmore, F.
Pagett, W J
Palmer, W H
Pankhurst, A W
Peach, H E
Peach, J
Peake, J
Plant, J T
Poole, C C
Poole, H.W.
Poole, T.
Poole, W E
Poulter, C V*
Poulter. G H
Powis, T.A.
Price, C.H.
Price, R.H.
Price W.W.
Pritchard, A.W.
Pritchard, J
Pye, T H
Ramsell, H.C.
Roberts, A.J.
Roberts, C.S.
Robertson, W.W.
Rogers, G.W.
Rowson, G.E.
Russell, J.R.
Sankey, D E
Scarratt, G.W.
Shenton, E.N.
Shuker, D.E.
Skidmore, R.C.
Slaney, J.C.
Smith, P.
Smith, R.H.B.
Snape, S.G.
Spencer, T.
Spicer, T.
Stokes, W.
Swift, H.H.
Swift, T.W.
Taylor, C.A.
Thomas, A.
Thomas, A.
Thomas B.I
Thomas, E.
Thomas, W.
Tipton, B
Tomlinson, W.
Vaughan, W.A.H.
Waltho, H R
Weaver, A.E.
Welsby, R
Weston, J
Wicks F.W.
Wicks, J.H.
Welsby, R
Williams, J
Woodfine, C S
Wood, T.
Wood, W G

(This doesn’t represent a full list of Wellington men lost in the conflict)
If you believe one of these men to be a family member and can offer any information, or a photograph, we would be delighted to hear from you: wellingtonremembers@outlook.com or  ring   07944 435978