When we started out on the Wellington Remembers 1914-1918 project pilot , it was a lot smaller than it is now!  Initially, the idea was to find photographs of the men named on the Lych Gate.  As the idea grew to include biographies of each person, we also talked about how the names on the Lych Gate overlapped with other memorials in town.  Inevitably there have been suggestions that we should increase our scope to include all of those memorials as well.

Whilst that isn’t feasible in the scope of what we’re doing now, it’s certainly worth looking at those other memorials and comparing names.

There’s a big overlap of names with the memorial at Christchurch – of 80 names, only 12 aren’t also remembered on the Lych Gate memorial.

The Methodist church memorial tablets name 13 men who died – 10 of them are shared with the Lych Gate memorial.


St Patricks has 10 names on the memorial at the front of the church – 9 of these are also on the Lych Gate memorial.


We know that there are other memorials in town, but thought it worth sharing those we have ready access to.

It should also be remembered that by no means all of the Wellington men who died in service in World War 1 are named on local memorials.  Some families will have preferred not to have a public memorial, for a variety of reasons. Some may not have had the opportunity. Whilst we are concentrating on a limited number of names in this project, we are mindful that there are many others equally deserving of respectful remembrance, particularly at this time of national remembrance.