Whilst we are looking for pictures of any and all of the men and woman listed on the Lych Gate Memorial at All Saints, our appeal this week is a bit more specific. We would love to see a picture of one Graham Oscar Lloyd Brisbourne.

Graham was the son of a tailor, Richard Brisbourne, who had a tailor’s and outfitters shop in Church Street, Wellington.  He had two brothers who survived the war, and went on to marry.  Edgar Lionel and Cyril York Brisbourne each had a son, and one of those sons had children, maybe you are a relative?

We have contact from a grand niece of Graham – daughter of his nephew Peter, but she doesn’t know of any pictures of her great uncle.

Maybe a local historian, or someone with a long history in the Wellington area, knows of a picture of this young man?

Any clues, and we’ll be delighted to hear from you!